Sharing the Whisperings of Spirit ... Bringing Peace of Mind From the Other Side

Why do you do what you do?

As well as a Medium, I am also a qualified Celebrant, and officiate non-religious Weddings, Naming Ceremonies & Celebration of Life (Funeral) Services.

To me, all of Life’s Occasions are cause for Celebration … It brings opportunity for our heart and mind to become one, to resonate with our Inner Spirit, our unique essence that makes us who we truly are.

Here I share what inspired me to train as a Celebrant. Although at the time I didn’t realise there were such things as Celebrant-led services, something inside me knew there had to be a different way, one that allowed for people’s unique qualities to shine through …

“For years, even before I got married myself, I would find myself becoming silently angry at weddings, and not know why.
When it came to my own wedding, I craved something entirely different to what I was ‘allowed’, and what transpired, but I did not know what … Beautiful & ‘Perfect’ though it was. I would have chosen differently. But it was many years ago, and it was Church or Registry Office. Church certainly didn’t feel right for me, but to my parents, Registry Office was not an option.

Now I know.

The Hearts of the couple should be heard equally and be allowed to sing their strengths and qualities.
Marriage should be a celebration of equality and Unity in all senses of the word.
Weddings should be real and not contrived.

The Ceremony should be sacred ~ not for any religious reason, but Sacred to the couple, because it is about their two Hearts choosing to meld together as one.

It is not really about the day ~ but about the days, weeks, months, years that are to come …
The sacredness is found in the reflections of the couples’ Dreams, Hopes, Joy, Love, Personalities, shared Values and Wishes.

For it is these accents that will create the Life they vow, honour to share together …

This is why I became a Celebrant … To allow couples the privilege of honouring themselves, and their love for each other … in a way that is most meaningful to them …”

And of course this doesn’t just hold true for Weddings, but Naming Ceremonies and Celebration of Life (Funeral) Services too. People are unique, and this should always be central to any Celebration of Life’s Occasions … We all deserve to be truly honoured and respected for who and what we are …