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Intuitive Development Circle

Exciting Announcement …

New Online Circle Starting later this month!!

The Circle will be held ‘Live’ via ZOOM

Circle Membership comes with access to an exclusive, complimentary FB support group, that provides a safe space for you to practice your developing skills and share your experiences with other Circle members, as well as access to ongoing support from myself. Additionally, there will be special offers, available only to Circle Members.

The Circle will be held ‘Live’ via ZOOM.

A weekly commitment is required, although I am aware that life sometimes gets in the way, and so each session will be recorded, ensuring you need never miss a session due to family or other commitments.

This has the added benefit of enabling you to refer back to a particular session, should you wish to revisit particular aspects of Develoment that have already been covered.

Obviously you will gain most benefit by attending each weekly live session, as you will be able to interact with myself and other Circle members.

The Circle costs £7 per week, payable in advance … That’s just £28 per month or £80 per quarter.

So if you are interested in Developing your Intuition and Spiritual Awareness, get in touch with me.

I look forward to supporting you on your journey!!