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How do they do that? (The Language of Spirit)

I am often asked questions by people who are interested in how Mediumship ‘works’, or in booking a Private Reading with me.

Very recently in fact, I was asked a question by a potential client, relating to an aspect of Spirit communication that I had not considered in a long time. This gave me the idea to write a short ‘series’ of Blogs to help people understand specific concerns, queries or questions, they may have -and to hopefully both inform and reassure.

This particular question related to the language of Spirit, and how (or if) they are able to communicate with a Medium who doesn’t speak ‘their language’. My client was concerned that this may preclude her from hearing from her loved-ones, who do not speak English.
She wanted to know if it is possible, and if so – how it works, and whether certain conditions need to be met.

Now, I have been working with Spirit for many years now, and I feel my knowledge and understanding of the ‘Mechanics of Mediumship’ is is pretty good.But when working with Spirit on a daily basis, I don’t necessarily need to think about how it all works … I just know that it does!!

So this question gave me a really good opportunity to actually stop and think: ‘How do they (Spirit) do that?!!’

What processes do Spirit go through in order to communicate with their chosen Medium?
Similarly, what processes does the medium need to go through, in order to accurately receive the information being given from Spirit?

Here is the exact question, and the reply I gave:
Q: ‘I Just wonder if you will be able to understand the language my spirit people talk or if it’s not possible to reach them in my case?’

A: ‘In the Spirit World there is no need for spoken language. There, communication is predominantly emotion & thought based – heart to heart and mind to mind. It is often referred to as being a kind of emotional telepathy.

So in some ways you could say that the earthly language spoken by the Spirit is no relevant or needed.
We know that Spirit people retain their faculties – their emotions and memories, and that they are able to communicate with the Medium they choose to connect with and communicate through, by using different ways These are commonly and collectively referred to as ‘The Clairs’.

For example, Spirit most often work with myself using ‘Clairsentience’, meaning that I will ‘feel’ how they looked and presented themselves, what they enjoyed doing, the clothes they used to wear. I will also get a sense of their personality, their thoughts and feelings, and their memories – what is important for them to say to their loved-one who is having the Reading. It does not matter whether I speak the language that they spoke on earth or not.’

Having said that, there have been numerous occasions where Spirit have impressed onto me (in my mind’s eye, so ‘Clairvoyantly’) specific words or phrases presented to me in to their ‘earth-language’. When this happens, the words are usually shown to me phonetically – so it makes it easier for me to pronounce them … when this happens, I always know that it is most important to the Spirit person that I pass these words on.

It often turns out that these words are key, and that they have a particularly emotional meaning to the person having the Reading – such as a pet name, or a short phrase that used to give them comfort as a child.

Of course, this can’t be guaranteed, as it’s all to do with the combined energy available at the time … But whether or not the earthly language spoken by the Spirit is understood by the Medium, is certainly no barrier to being able to share their communication with their loved-one.

In fact as I see it – the language of Spirit is, quite simply … the language of LOVE.

So, if you have a concern, query or question about the Spirit World, or how Spirit communicate (the mechanics of Mediumship) – please do get in touch and let me know …
Who knows – I may write a Blog based on your query one day too!!