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Circle Round-up …

Feel like you’re going round in circles?

Sometimes it can be hard to find the ‘right’ development Circle … On occasions it won’t ‘feel’ right … You may have to travel quite some distance. Maybe you work shifts, or aren’t able to leave the house for whatever reason. Maybe for some reason, your local Circle doesn’t offer what you are looking for … Circles don’t always go on for  ever …  and there are a multitude of factors that may hinder your development in moving forward.

I am excited to share with you now, that I am busy creating content for a new kind of Spiritual Development Circle starting soon for those wishing to develop wider ‘Spiritual Awareness on an Everyday Level’. Taking place on-line, it will have added flexibility to a more traditional Circle … From experience I know some people find it difficult to commit to attending a Circle each week … perhaps due to work, caring or other family commitments for example. This Circle fits in with your life. A weekly window of opportunity to just focus on you, and your development.

Enhancing our level of Personal Spirituality means different things to different people …  It is something we can all aspire to, and without doubt it will benefit every area of your life. As well as traditional Development Circle aspects – such as Mediumship, Psychic & Intuitive work, there are many other areas to be explored, each equipping you to live & work from a holistic, more Spiritual perspective … and helping you live a less stressful life!!

What difference could this make to your life, or those you connect with on a daily basis?

I have learned that when viewing life from a ‘Higher-Self’ perspective we gain balance, clarity, compassion & insight … Working with these attributes, we can easily, undoubtedly, benefit from the invaluable sources of Universal support accessible to all … This can help pave the way to smooth our pathway through life, or perhaps become more successful at what we do. As an added bonus, at the same time, we are gaining a more beneficial awareness of those around us …

As with all Spiritual development, commitment and dedication to the Circle (and yourself) is required; as a member it will be in your best interest to join the scheduled ‘Live and interactive Circle’ sessions which will be held via Zoom on a weekly basis. Each session will be recorded however, meaning that if on occasions you do have to miss a session, you will still be able to benefit by making use of the catch-up facility, so you won’t miss out on the Circle exercises, information and techniques that have been shared.

The Circle is suitable for all levels of development, from enquirers to those more advanced … Some may wish to learn more about the art of Gratitude and the Law of Attraction, . Others may be looking to strengthen their Intuition – some may feel they are oversensitive and want support with this. Some of you will want to develop a greater understanding of Spirit, and some to work with Spirit. Perhaps you need to make sense of experiences you have been given.

The Circle can help with all this and more …

Subscription starts at just £7 per weekly session, payable monthly in advance (£28), or there is the option of paying quarterly in advance (£80) Payment is via BACS (preferred) or PayPal

The Circle subscription will also entitle you to additional ‘value-added’ Circle member benefits too, such as a dedicated, closed FB group offering peer support, the opportunity to practice what you learn with Circle members, along with tailored support & guidance … a welcome addition to most Circles!!

Circle membership also attracts a special rate for 1-2-1 Personal Tuition or Consultations, and in person Workshops with myself, if required.

Interested in joining the Circle?  Send me an email ( or let me know in the comments below.