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A Childlike Joy

Talking with my youngest earlier today, and watching him play with his friends after school, and – rolling (yes rolling!!) around in the rather muddy, squelchy grass – my first thought was to step in … his white school top could easily stain, his eyes may become irritated by any loose mud … I was going to stop him.

And then I realised, just how much more ‘open’ children are to the world around them … Without hesitation, they appreciate the joy in the little things. They are (in the main) not held back by self doubt; they don’t suffer with procrastination …  Open-Hearted, they just ‘get’ the fun and Magic in life.

A child’s imagination is a powerhouse for solving problems … they suffer no constraint imposed by set ways of thinking, nor are they limited by certain expectations of what if’s, what is, or what can be …  How wonderful to have that level of freedom & spontaneity!!

To be blessed with boundless enthusiasm, yet untainted by the ravages of multiple disappointments. How great would it be, to allow ourselves to be fully present, to emulate a child’s positive way of tackling life’s little problem.

The game of life holds many challenges … let’s make the most of them!!