Sharing the Whisperings of Spirit ... Bringing Peace of Mind From the Other Side

Where It All Began …

Kettering SNU Spiritualist Church holds a  very special place in my heart …

It’s the first ‘proper’ Spiritualist Church I set foot in (age around 32 if I remember rightly).

On that day, all the thoughts & questions I held about Life, ‘Death’ and Universe, fell into place and made sense during the Philosophy part of the Service, which was given in Trance by the Medium that day, Sharon Hall.

I will be forever grateful!!

That day ingnited a passion, a ‘Calling’ in me, and invoked the Vocation that until then had truly laid dormant in my heart. A genuine Spiritual Awakening, like a window of opportunity, I found Spiritual doors opened to me, as I conciously began to tread the pathway I had been unwittingly walking towards all my life …

For around 14 years I attended weekly (sometimes twice weekly) Spiritual Development, as well as weekly Trance sessions. Additionally I regularly took day long or weekend Development Workshops, along with several week long Residential Mediumship Development Seminars.

All this enabled my connection with Spirit to develop, enhance and strengthen,

Fast forward a decade from 2002 and I find myself on that same Church Platform in Kettering Spiritualist Church as a Fledgling Medium, alongside my friend & first Development Tutor, Nicola Holland (now Nicola Harvey).

Back then, although I believed and trusted in Spirit implicitly, I had yet to allow myself to ‘grow’ into that space personally …

I have always had a very open mind as to how my Spiritual Development will unfold, and the direction(s) I may be taken. I hold no expectations, but freely share my intentions with Spirit.

I know that I have been very fortunate in the Tutors and Mentors I have so far been able to learn from and work with. I feel blessed, as I know not everyone is as fortunate in that regard … There can be a lot of jealousy, which is sad (and personally I find that very hard to fathom) for it is a vocation that should hold Love at it’s Heart.

Certainly when I am working with people now, and supporting their development, I feel great joy when they have their own ‘lightbulb’ moments, when something clicks and they make sense of or experience something for the first time!!

It wasn’t until around 16 years after I first set foot in that Spiritualist Church in Kettering, that I can now allow myself to refer to myself as a ‘Medium’.

Now I can’t imagine doing anything else …

All aspects of my activities (I can’t bring myself to refer to them as ‘work’), so whether as a Spiritual Medium, Celebrant, Mentor, Tutor or when Counselling, all are led by Spirit, and done in Love.

Everyone’s Spiritual Development is individual, as we all walk different pathways through life. Take your time, there is no hurry … what’s the saying? The best comes to those who wait?

I believe that is especially true in regards to Spiritual development. Enjoy your journey!!