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The Bindweed in our Mind …

I have just spent some time looking out onto my garden …I am ashamed to say that it’s a bit of a mess. Ok, it’s one big mess. When I moved in four years ago, it was a lovely cottage garden.

Sadly, I am not a gardener … I would love to enjoy spending time outside, weeding and tending the lovely flowers, and maybe growing a few vegetables to use.
If I am honest, I find it as scary as a jungle. Not because of the bugs and mini beasties that live there (they are the easy things to tame!!) I am scared of the flowers, and the green plants.
Or rather I am scar
ed of hurting them. I worry that if I cut something back too far it may die.

I worry I may remove what I think is a weed, when it is really a plant. I am scared of making a mistake.

And so what was once a lovely cottage garden has now become an overgrown mess, taken over by bindweed, which looks pretty innocuous, but over time covers the surface and clings on to the pretty, proper plants, dragging them down and robbing them of what they need to grow. When bindweed takes hold, you can guarantee that the garden will become much more of a beast to tackle, and definitely much more difficult to tidy up, showcase it’s natural beauty, and become the sanctuary I would love it to be.

And I think sometimes, for some of us, life can become a bit like my garden? A little overgrown, with all the beautiful aspects swamped. All to often, it is all to easy to neglect and ignore our own needs. It’s easy to forget to keep on top of the little things. But these little things mount up.
Over time, the issues that we have shied away from dealing when they occured, surely start to grow into something more problematic than they really are. Of course this makes them harder to deal with. Have a think … there may be situations, or sometimes even people in our life that are take too much of our time and energy, or rather project an energy that is not helpful to us. We too then feel swamped and overloaded. These situations or people are the bind weed in our mind, the things that entwine, take hold of and metaphorically strangle us. It can leaving us feeling frustrated, perhaps inadequate and maybe even a little weak.

And while all this is taking up more space in our lives, we sit there wondering what we can do about it. Berating ourselves for allowing it get to this point.

So I made a decision today, to start to tackle my cottage garden, to give it the attention, love time and it really does deserve. Little by little, patch by patch, I will start to cut my way through the jungle, and get my garden back.
At times I may have to refer to books, so I don’t pull out a potential prize Petunia, or I may need to ask someone for a little help with the heavy tasks, or ask if they are happy to share their knowledge with me. But I know I will get there. I know I have no need to struggle through the jungle on my own.

And no one need be alone in their life. Whatever is going on, there is always a way to cut through the undergrowth of your mind, establish your own pathway through life. There are ways to separate the proverbial weeds from the delicate flowers. And there are ways to replenish the soil with good, strong, natural fertilizer … Friends, other supportive people, different environments, and of course the constant love and support of Spirit.

I know that when my newly acquired, beautiful garden space has been reclaimed, I will be able to sit back, relax and feel good about my achievements. And I know that in our minds, we can do that too …