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Booking Guidelines & Disclaimer

Thank you for booking a Private Reading with me. So that you gain the most beneficial experience and enjoyment from your Reading, please take a little time to look through these Guidelines & Disclaimer prior to your appointment, which form part of my terms & conditions.

Please be sure that you would like to have contact with Spirit loved ones during your reading.

If you are purely seeking a Life Guidance (Psychic) Reading, please let me know before the start of your Reading, and I will offer either a crystal, card or colour reading and NO Spirit communication will take place.

On occasions during a consultation I may feel that other professional support may be more appropriate than Spirit contact or Life Guidance. Should this be the case, no fee will be charged and any monies paid will be refunded.

If you feel you may be emotionally affected in any way by a Private Reading, please reschedule your appointment until your emotions have settled or you have taken appropriate professional help. By attending a Private Reading with me, you fully accept responsibility for your emotions & wellbeing.

All information shared during a Private Reading remains strictly confidential between ourselves.

Naturally I will do everything possible to create the right conditions to facilitate Spirit contact, but this cannot be guaranteed … Mediumship is a delicate balance of energies between the Client, Medium and Spirit. If the energies are sufficiently blended, Spirit communication may take place.

Please maintain an open mind as to who may communicate. It is usual to wish for a specific Spirit to come forward, but if the energies are not sufficient for that individual Spirit to connect, then another Spirit may come forward in their place. This is not to be seen as unsuccessful … Spirit will always communicate as best they are able. Though unlikely, if no Spirit communication happens, the reading will close and no fee will be charged. If this happens it is not because Spirit don’t wish to communicate with you, and you should not feel upset … Simply, on this occasion the energy was not sufficiently blended, and I may suggest rescheduling your Private Reading.

Please do not expect Spirit loved ones to share certain information or comment on specific circumstances. Spirit are aware of these things, and will offer their opinion if they feel it is appropriate. Having relaxed expectations makes it easier for Spirit to offer their communication in an evidential and accurate way. If Spirit do share an opinion with you, that is solely their opinion, and you remain responsible for your own conclusions and actions.

Your Private Reading may be recorded by yourself on your phone (or other device), or you are welcome to make notes.

(NB: For your Reading you will be reserved 1 hour (60 minutes) charged at £40, or 30 minutes charged at £25. Please book accordingly. In booking a Reading with me you agree to pay the required fee. RECEIPT OF PAYMENT SECURES YOUR BOOKING. Payment to be made by BACS (preferred) or PayPal. If you are unable to attend, you must let me know within 24 hours (where possible) to transfer to another date. If you choose to cancel: I retain 50% fee. In event of a ‘no show’, I retain 100% fee)

Private Reading Disclaimer

In accordance with the Law in regards to Mediumship and Psychic consultations …

Following recent changes in the law in regards to Mediumship and Psychic consultations, please familiarise yourself with the following disclaimer:

• I confirm I seek this Private Reading voluntarily & remain fully responsible for any possible emotional changes that may occur during this consultation & afterwards
• It is my understanding I have no challenges/psychological difficulties that may be affected by my Private Reading today
• I maintain responsible for any decisions/actions I may take, resulting from information given during my Private Reading
• I am NOT dependant on alcohol, non-prescribed or prescription drugs/substances
• I accept & understand that I may experience/witness Spirit communication during this Private Reading
• In the unlikely event I am not satisfied with this Private Reading I will let you know in good time & prior to the end of the reading